The product consists of a power system, a heater and a controller (thermostat).

The power supply system is delivered in a steel housing that is protected from corrosion and normal mechanical stress. It is usually installed near the electrical cabinet. Only the lid is visible.

The heating elements of this system are insulated aluminum strips 6, 8, 12 and 17 cm wide and 0.2 mm thick. They are laid below or on the screed in the floor, or below the plasterboard or mortar for wall installation and are fed by transformed low voltage electricity (from 3 V to 48 V).

Heating strips can also be laid on existing floor coverings.

Power sizing

The power of the power system is determined by the heat losses of the space it covers.

The dimensions of the heating strips depend on the specific heat demand (W / m2) desired.

The specific heat emission is limited by the recommended floor temperature in individual rooms.

This amounts to:
23-28 ° C for residential areas (specific heat emission 30 – 80W / m2)
28–32 ° C for bathrooms or edge zones on exterior walls or below glass surfaces (specific heat emission 80–120 W / m2)
For the heating of open spaces or surfaces (terraces, balconies, driveways) we install
80-150 W / m2
If indoor heat losses require more specific power than recommended, we can replace them by wall mounting or by reversing the passive floor surface.


The control is done by a digital adjustable room thermostat for each room separately. We also offer remote control.


Heating – tehnical data

Grejno telo izolirane AL trake
Power 3–48 V (possibility of connection to alternative energy sources)
Floor heating coverage till 80 % surface
Power On billing or at will
Floor temperatures 23–28° C, bath 32° C (as you wish)
Power supply 220–230 V, 50–60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 12 A
Regulation space-adjustable, fixed or remote
Security OF, F1 + F2, soft-start
Protection of the heater chemical, mechanical
Warranty heating strips 20 years, electronic circuit 7 years
Floor coverings All kinds
Installations Floor, walls or combined
Screed dry or wet