EKOHEATING heating is one of the so-called local heating systems, which is important not to require a boiler room, chimney or energy storage. That is why it is significantly cheaper than central systems. The cost of building a boiler room, chimney, and energy storage usually exceeds the entire initial investment of our heating.

If you invest your saved money in solar heating, you will be heated for free.

2- HEATING EFFECT (energy consumption)
Our heating has no energy losses significant for central systems (boiler room losses, energy transmission losses to the heating system, regulation losses). As an underfloor heating, it has an almost ideal temperature profile. The very large heater enables an extremely low temperature regime. Regulation is direct, adjustable and separate for each space. In this way we have fulfilled all the conditions for maximum energy efficiency.

With less energy, the building simply cannot be heated properly!

Accordingly, heating costs are also acceptable.

Regular maintenance: There are simply no regular maintenance. So there is no annual cost to maintain the boiler, tank, chimney and heating body. Outstanding maintenance (failures) are rare and not costly.

The estimated life span of the heating strips is over 100 years.

The estimated life of the transformer is over 50 years.

In the categories of maintenance costs and durability, our heating system probably has no competition.

Conclusion: The relatively high energy cost (electricity) is completely replaced by the low initial investment, maximum energy efficiency, durability and negligible maintenance costs.