Floor heating 12V
Representative for Cyprus
ISO 9001:2008
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Floor heating 12V
Representative for Cyprus
ISO 9001:2008

Turn a big idea
into real product

12V Heating system
without chimney and boiler room

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Floor heating
on 12 Volts

Warm up safely and economically
with an innovative solution

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With ultimate enjoyment
a 20 year warranty

In the categories of maintenance costs
and service life, our heating system has no competition.

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The relatively high cost of energy and electricity is completely replaced by a low initial investment. Request offer.


The irreplaceable warmth of the home.

Exterior and interior surfaces

Greenhouses, patios, corridors, terraces …

Industrial facilities

Production halls, warehouses, factories …

Sports facilities

Fitness, gyms, halls, stadiums …

Office buildings

Shopping centers, offices, restaurants

Public and religious 

Temples, religious buildings, churches …

About the product

The product consists of a power circuit, a heater and a thermostat.
We supply the power assembly in a steel housing that is protected from corrosion and normal mechanical stress. It is usually installed near the electrical cabinet. Only the lid is visible.
The heating elements of this system are insulated aluminum strips 6, 8, 12 and 17 cm wide, 0.2 mm thick. They are laid below or on the screed in the floor, or below the plasterboard or mortar for wall mounting and are fed by transformed low-voltage electricity (from 3 V to 48 V). We can also put heating strips on existing floor coverings.

References and installations

Our innovative solutions are in an ethno complex surrounded by forests.

Vrdnička kula

One of the first restaurants who realize the quality of our EkoHeating 12V heating system.

Restaurant Casa Nova

The medical center provided underfloor heating for patients.


One of the most famous technical goods retail chains has installed our heating system.


Underfloor heating is a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing way of heating than radiator, there is no dust and dry air, so it is more appropriate for allergy sufferers


We are always interested in new projects and installations of our products, whether large or small.

If you would like to contact us on any basis our phones are (+381) 62 333 023 or send us e-mail. If you would like to request a quote feel free to contact us also fill up formular.

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